1. Link Removal and Disavowing
  2. Manual Action Removals
  3. Algorithmic Penalties

Link Removal and Disavowing

Q. Is disavowing a link as good as getting a link removed?
A. To get around Google Penalties and Manual Actions we believe it is. Google would rather you got the link taken down, but this is not always possible. Also disavowing a link in Google will obviously not effect anything in other search engines such as Bing, Yahoo, Yandex and Duck Duck Go.

Q. Why don’t you suggest webmaster outreach to get links taken down?
A. From experience we have found this to be a huge waste of effort for two reasons:
Firstly most webmasters do not reply.
Secondly those that do reply usually demand a large fee for link removal. In some circumstances we have known a friendly link removal request to result in massive extortion with threats of a Negative SEO war. Not nice.

Manual Action Removals

Q. My Manual Action has been revoked but it is still showing in Google Search Console, why?
A. It takes about 48hrs for the manual action to disappear from Google Search Console. Please be patient, we have never known this to not happen.

Q. You only sent a Reconsideration request to the http://domain.com version of my site, should I send it to all versions – www and https for example?
A. No this is not necessary and should be avoided. When the Manual Action is revoked, it will disappear from all variations in Google Search Console.

Q. My manual action has been revoked, most of the keywords are in their previous positions, some are slightly down. How long will they they sustain their positions?
A. This is very hard to say as we cannot predict what Google does and how it will value or devalue links in the future. To keep your rankings we suggest that you still try and acquire links, but keep them looking as natural as possible. Please also see the next question.

Q. To remove my Manual Action most of my inbound links have been disavowed, can I get them back now?
A. Yes, but you need to be very careful not to get yourself another Manual Action. Our suggested steps are:

  • Wait for 1 – 2 weeks after the Manual Action has been removed – this is a very sensitive time and you really want to make sure that Google reviewer is not going to come back!
  • Contact us and ask for a Disavow File Audit, in many cases this will be included in the original fee you paid
  • After analysing your best and safest links we can then undisavow them – the goal is to get your good links back, whilst staying ‘under the radar’ as far as Google is concerned

Q. Do you think previously penalised sites are flagged for review more often than other sites?
A. We have known sites get a second penalty within days of their penalty being revoked, by webmasters doing foolish things such as deleting the disavow file or building tons of low-quality links. We have no hard evidence that previously penalised sites are more susceptible to penalties, but we do suggest being very careful in the first few weeks after a penalty has been revoked.

Q. We have a ton of .info domains linking to our sites. Should we be pro-actively disavowing these and other scraper sites or is this low risk?
A. We think that Google probably ignores all these scraper sites, so yes they are most likely low-risk links. However, we do recommend regular link audits and keeping your link profile clean by pro-actively disavowing undesirable links.

Algorithmic Penalties

Q. Will disavowing bad links improve my rankings?
A. Sometimes it will, but it really depends on what the rest of your links are like and other factors such as your content, site speed, on page SEO etc. etc.